About Us

High End TV / Motion Picture Rental House opened late 2005 to service the newly born industry of high-definition production. We offer the latest production technology for single camera and accessory rentals, as well as turnkey packages and video systems for the most demanding productions.


Adam Mills

Adam J. Mills

Founder & Manager

Adam was literally born in the dark with the TV on (long story, but something about a thunderstorm and a poor choice by the hospital engineers as to what should and should not be on the generator). Adam attended Middle Tennessee State University in 2000-2003 where he earned a B.S. in Television Production and a B.A. in French. He has been honored with 5 Emmy Awards, including Camera (2), Lighting (2), and Technical Achievement. In addition to running daily rental operations, Adam is the chief engineer for camera nerd talk as well as advanced video systems engineering (including customized flight packs and the mobile production truck).

Sean Green ACing

Sean Green

Camera Technician

Sean is ready to put out the fire before there is one, having worked in Explosive Ordnance Disposal for the US Air Force and as a certified PADI advanced dive instructor. He has worked in many areas (A.C., Cinematographer, and D.P.) on music videos for major labels (Capitol, Warner Brothers, Decca) as well as live shows, commercials, and other genres of production. He is married with two kids and is a certified Avid and Final Cut Pro editor.

Owen Jackson

Owen Jackson

Rental Agent

Owen has production experience on and off set, working both in camera department for many concerts and network shows as well in post-production as  an editor for television shows, feature-length documentaries, promotional work, music videos, and other video content.  He graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Mass Communications, Electronic Media Communications and a B.A. in English. 

Chris Ranker

Chris Ranker

Rental Agent

Chris has worked in most areas on set, but his primary experience comes from producing projects of varying sizes and budgets. He produced the full-length independent feature Juicy Mooshu and  many music videos, promos, and shorts. Chris is an Eagle Scout with a B.S. in Mass Communications, Electronic Media Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. He will be moving to China to teach English in January of 2016.


Evan Caddell

Camera Technician & Shader

Evan works as a cinematographer, editor, colorist, or shader on an array of projects, from a feature film, numerous music videos, short films, and many concerts. You may see Evan prepping a Sony, shooting a Red, or shading a Panasonic. He attended Middle Tennessee State University and studied Mass Communications, Electronic Media Communications. He's our techie on staff, happy to answer any camera questions you may have.